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Location and dates

Club Hrast, Milosa Pocerca 10, Belgrade
Saturday 30.09. (10:00-16:00) and Sunday 01.10. (10:00-16:00)


60 EUR for both days


Topic of this seminar will be doing and using sparring in Systema for different goals. We will address the hand to hand fighting with one and multiple opponents, unarmed and with knife, with focus on utilizing sparring. Being good tool for advancement, excellent for improvement of physical condition, irreplaceable for pressure testing, sparring doesn't come without a price. Because of specifics of Systema, it is easy to ruin a number of things without correct approach. We will point out certain problems, as well as ways to avoid and overcome them. Seminar is planned to be combination of intensive work, recovery breaks during theory lections and group work to build up retrospective. Please bring training knife and everything from martial arts protection gear you have. Gloves, helmets, shin protectors, genital guards... None of mentioned is mandatory, but more we got, more speed and power we can put into the work.

Instructor: Milos Malic (in the middle), founder of Systema Serbia and founder and main instructor in Systema Oslo.
All 18+ psychophysically healthy persons are invited to join, no matter gender or martial arts experience.

Russian Martial Art

Systema Serbia - Club HRAST, Belgrade

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